Goals & Value

Our Goals

At AQF Sports, we pursue our goals with dogged single mindedness, the same way you fight for that personal best lap time, and the same way you get back up from the mat on a tough training day.

Being a Part of Your Daily Life

One of the single most important goals we pursue is to be a critical part of your daily life. We do that by designing fitness equipment and products that not only fill a need in your workout routine, but that perform so well that they become indispensable. We help you become faster, stronger, healthier, and more confident while improving performance and keeping you safe at the same time.

Working with Local Gyms and Clubs

There can be no change without awareness and learning, and we believe that begins not from the outside, but from the inside. Just as your personal journey toward greater strength and better health begins with a personal choice, so does building a community of like minded people. We work with local gyms, fitness clubs, MMA trainers, and others throughout the UK and Europe to build awareness and foster a fitness-focused community of brothers and sisters.


Raising Environmental Awareness

The impact of human activities on the planet is unmistakable, but few companies in our industry focus on mitigating those effects. We believe it is our responsibility as a forward-thinking organisation to be more environmentally friendly in all that we do, from product design to material choices. However, we do not stop there. We strive to raise awareness within the industry, from athletes like you to our competitors. Together, we can change things for the better.

Partnering with Athletes

We’re pretty proud of what our in-house designers have achieved in terms of product quality and performance. However, we realise that you’re the ones out there pounding the pavement, hitting the gym, and powering through your workout every day. We work with athletes just like you to inspire change and develop new products. We also sponsor some of the top athletes in the world – contact us to learn more about sponsorship options.





Our Values

No one succeeds without strong core values. As an athlete, your values include perseverance, determination, and quiet, unyielding strength. Everything you do inspires us, and our core values reflect your own.

We believe in:

Innovation – From fitness product design to safety features to environmentally-friendly materials, we believe that innovation is the only way to deliver high-quality equipment that helps you achieve more.

Strength and Agility – Inner strength and agility are key to success and never backing down, whether that’s a commitment to improve your lifting, your ability to anticipate an opponent’s move and outwit them in the ring, or doing the right thing in difficult situations.

Making a Difference Every Day – We believe that making a difference every day is our purpose, whether that’s inspiring someone to take that first step toward creating a stronger, healthier body, to stand up for others, or to build a sense of community.

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