Double End Bags

Double end bags or floor to ceiling balls are fundamental equipment in boxing gyms as they help to improve hand speed, punch accuracy, reaction time, footwork & and to eye coordination. Our bags are built with durable materials & offer excellent rebound to train your reflexes & agility. Choose from different sizes & colors and train to dominate.

The speed ball, also known as the speed bag, is a small, lightweight, and cylindrical punching bag used in boxing training. It's a great tool for improving hand-eye coordination, timing, speed, and rhythm.

Boxing Speedball Benefits

  • Speed bag Improves hand-eye coordination and timing.
  • Boxing speedball punching accuracy and precision.
  • Speed ball boxing Increases hand speed and agility.
  • Improves footwork and body movement.
  • Helps develop endurance and stamina.
  • Provides an efficient cardiovascular workout.
  • Builds upper body strength and muscle tone.
  • Speed ball reduces stress and improves focus.
  • Speedball can be used for solo training or with a partner.
  • Suitable for boxers and other combat sports enthusiasts of all levels.

Speed bags and speedball training can be a fun and challenging addition to any workout routine. Buy the best speedball for boxing only at AQF Sports!

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AQF Floor to Ceiling Double End Dodge Speed Bag
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