Dipping Belts for Gym

Browse our collection now and find the perfect weight training belt or gym belt for your workout routine. Our collection includes a range of high-quality weight belts, the best simple and weighted dip belts in the UK to provide optimal support during your workouts.  Choose from a variety of lifting belts, deadlift belts, and squat belts to find the perfect gym belt for your needs.

A dipping belt, also known as a dip belt, is a weightlifting accessory designed to enhance your upper body strength and increase resistance during dips and pull-ups. It is a sturdy belt made of heavy-duty materials that wrap around your waist, with a long chain or strap attached to it, allowing you to add weight plates or kettlebells for additional resistance. 

The dip belt with chain is perfect for performing dips, pull-ups, and chin-ups, and can also be used for other exercises that require additional weight, such as squats and lunges. A weighted dip belt is an effective tool for building your triceps, chest, and shoulder muscles, as well as strengthening your grip and core. 

The AQF dipping belt is a popular option for gym enthusiasts and fitness professionals alike, thanks to its durable construction and comfortable fit. So if you want to take your workouts to the next level and achieve impressive upper-body strength and power, try using a dipping belt or pull-up belt to add resistance to your training.

How to use a dipping belt?

  • Choose appropriate weight
  • Adjust the belt to fit snugly
  • Attach weight to chain/strap
  • Perform the exercise with proper form
  • Gradually increase weight
  • Look for high-quality, durable, and adjustable belt
  • Follow safety guidelines
  • Use appropriate weights for your fitness level.
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