Boxing and MMA Mouth Guards

Mouthguards Benefits: Boxing mouthguards or gum shields, are designed to protect the teeth from injury. MMA mouthguards Prevent Jaw Injuries due to impact. 

  • They reduce the risk of fractures, dislocations, and other serious injuries.
  • Mouthguards also help reduce the risk of concussions by absorbing the shock.
  • Best mouthguard for boxing is designed to fit comfortably and securely in the mouth.
  • Boxer mouthguards can also enhance performance by increasing.
  • MMA mouthguards are often made with removable and washable inserts for better hygiene.

How to Use a mouth guard?

  • Clean and unwrap your mouthguard.
  • Use a boil-and-bite mouth guard.
  • Insert the mouth guard securely in your mouth.
  • Mould the inner gel according to your mouth shape.
  • Clean and store the mouth guard after use.

Features to Look for in a Mouth Guard

When choosing an MMA Mouth Guard, look for features like:

  • Custom-fit or Boil and bite Mouthguard.
  • Thicker mouthguards offer better protection against high-impact strikes.
  • Breathable with airflow channels.
  • Durable mouth guard made with high-quality materials.

Our Mouth Guards have all of these important features, making them the perfect choice for any fighter.

Boxing Mouthguards

Boxing mouthguards, also known as gum shields or mouth protectors, are vital pieces of protective equipment worn during boxing training and competition. Buy the best boxing mouthguard UK, MMA Mouthguard and boxer mouthguard from AQF sports.

Here are some key points to consider:

  • Boxing mouthguards are essential for boxers of all ages and skill levels. They are also commonly used in other contact sports and you can buy a hockey mouthguard and rugby mouthguard for protection.
  • They are made of a flexible, rubber-like material that moulds to the shape of the teeth and gums, providing a comfortable and secure fit.
  • Junior gum shields and kids mouth guards are designed to fit the smaller mouths of younger athletes, while adult gum shields are larger and more robust for additional protection.
  • The rugby mouth guard is designed to protect against high-impact collisions, while the hockey mouth guard also includes an additional face cage to protect against sticks and pucks.
  • Using a mouth guard can significantly reduce the risk of dental and jaw injuries, which can be painful, expensive to treat, and require lengthy recovery times.
  • It is crucial to wear a properly fitted mouth guard that is comfortable and secure to ensure maximum protection during training or competition.

MMA Mouthguards

Protect your teeth and gums during training with AQF Sports' MMA Protective equipment collection of MMA mouth guards and gum shields. Our high-quality mouthguards provide excellent protection for your mouth, while still allowing for easy breathing and speaking. Please choose one of our top-quality MMA Mouth Guards to ensure maximum protection and comfort during training and competition.

Why You Need an MMA Mouth Guard?

In MMA, strikes to the head are common, and the risk of dental injuries or concussions is high. That's why a properly fitted mouth guard is essential to protect your teeth, jaw, and head. Our MMA Mouth Guards are designed to absorb and disperse the impact of strikes, reducing the risk of injuries and allowing you to train and compete confidently.

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