Boxing Groin Guards

Buy the best boxing groin guard, cricket box and cricket guard men only at AQF Sports. A boxing groin guard is a protective piece of equipment worn during training or competition to protect the groin area from impact. It is also commonly referred to as a groin protector or cup. Here are some key points to consider about boxing groin guards:

  • Groin guards are designed to protect the sensitive groin area from impact during training or competition.
  • They are made of hard plastic or metal, with a soft padded lining to absorb shock.
  • Groin guard Boxing is an essential piece of equipment for both men and women who practice boxing, as the groin is a vulnerable area that is often targeted during sparring or competition.
  • There are also specially designed groin guard kids, which are smaller and lighter, making them easier and more comfortable to use.
  • It is important to wear a properly fitted groin guard that is comfortable and secure to ensure maximum protection during training or competition.
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