Punch Bags & Sets

Punch bags and sets are essential training equipment for boxers and other combat sports enthusiasts. Punch bag set is a training equipment designed to help boxers and other combat sports athletes improve their technique, power, and endurance. 

Train to throw hard punches & kicks with our boxing punch bags. Built to last long & withstand the nastiest blow, our bags are ideal to strengthen your striking technique & ability. Choose from wall brackets or free-standing bags, that can easily be adjusted as per your height requirements.

Punch Bag Set Benefits
Using punch bags and sets during training offers several benefits, including:

  • Improved technique: Punch bags provide a realistic target for boxers to aim at, allowing them to improve their technique and accuracy.
  • Increased power and endurance: Punch bags are heavy and can withstand powerful strikes, allowing boxers to work on increasing their power and endurance.
  • Stress relief: Punch bags can be a great way to relieve stress and release pent-up aggression.

How to Choose the Right Punch Bag Set?

When choosing punch bags and sets, it's important to consider the following factors:

  • Size: Choose a bag that is the appropriate size for your body and training needs.
  • Weight: Choose a bag that is heavy enough to withstand your strikes but not so heavy that it is difficult to move.
  • Material: Look for bags made from durable materials that can withstand powerful strikes.
  • Type: Choose a bag that is appropriate for the type of training you will be doing, such as heavy bags, speed bags, or double-end bags.

Punch Bag Set Types
There are several types of punch bags and sets available, including:

  • Heavy Punch Bag Set: Designed for boxers and combat sports enthusiasts of all levels, these sets typically include a heavy bag, mounting bracket, and gloves.
  • Punch Bag and Bracket Set: Similar to heavy punching bag set, but include only the bag and mounting bracket.
  • Kids Punching Bag Set: Smaller and lighter than adult bags, these sets are designed specifically for children.

Buy the Best Boxing Punch Bag Set UK

At AQF Sports, we offer a wide range of punching bag set for adults and kids. Our high-quality, durable sets are designed to help you improve your technique, power, and endurance while providing a safe and effective way to train. Shop now to find the best punch bag set in the UK!

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